First-Rate Restaurant Point of Sale for Your Business Needs

Data Tech POS provides unique restaurant point of sale (POS) systems that optimize workflow efficiency while helping you operate more profitably. Additionally, our restaurant POS solutions enhance productivity, increase sales, and provide restaurant owners and managers with insights that help them make smarter business decisions.

Modern POS Systems Offer Operational Benefits

A restaurant runs on many systems, but one thing that ensures an efficient operation is the POS system in place. During the past decade, restaurant point of sale systems have evolved to improve the guest experience while empowering restaurant owners to conduct operations efficiently. Modern POS systems have changed the way restaurants run everything from the back of the house to the front, and additional benefits have emerged:


Contactless Ordering & Payment


Access Reporting Anywhere, Anytime


Keep Inventory Up-To-Date In Real-Time


Enhance Customer Experience

Table Service

Excellent customer service and upselling are critical factors to a restaurant’s success. DataTech POS solutions are purpose-built to help you increase revenue by customizing the order-taking process, effectively increasing ticket sales. Our innovative restaurant point of sale system also features team service and coursing options for increased customer satisfaction.

Integrating our POS system with Focus POS software extends customization to the front and back of the house, increasing efficiency and table turns. The software also allows you to use the data to closely monitor sales and inventory to evaluate performance in different areas of your restaurant.

Quick Service

The Quick Service industry prioritizes speed of service and order accuracy. Therefore, having a quality restaurant point of sale system catered to your specific quick service restaurant is crucial to consistent sales growth and customer satisfaction. We offer Focus Quick Service POS to equip your restaurant with a system that drives speed and accuracy and helps staff serve a consistent flow of customers at the counter or in the drive-thru.

The customized on-screen menus can configure up to 150 buttons which will help reduce order entry time, quickly service customers, and minimize wait times. Training new staff is a time-consuming and expensive process. With Data Tech POS, you will take less time onboarding staff with our user-friendly system with intuitive menu setup.

Bars and Nightclubs

In a highly-competitive market such as the bar, pub, tavern, and nightclub industry, your establishment needs a robust system to keep the competitive edge. Focus Bar POS is user-friendly software with touchscreen interfaces that help reduce order entry time in the fast-paced industry. With Data Tech POS, you’ll be able to enhance the customer experience, gain loyalty, and increase sales.

Focus Bar POS software can meet the requirements of your unique needs with features such as multiple customer tabs, age verification, specialty drink menus and recipes, and inventory and shrinkage control.

Delivery and Takeout

Delivery restaurants rely on seamless communication between drivers, staff, and customers. Your restaurant point of sale system can be one of the most powerful tools in streamlining your delivery operations. Having the capability of an online ordering system, options for delivery, and operational control are just a few factors to consider when choosing the right POS for your needs. Customers expect nothing less than accurate orders, timely delivery, and convenient payment options. DataTech POS features Focus POS software that allows customers to order and pay while providing staff with the tools they need to make deliveries on time.

Restaurants tend to compete with convenience or experience, which is why takeout capabilities are being implemented more into POS systems. The need for takeout options is not fading anytime soon, so having a dynamic restaurant point of sale system that can aid in customer experience and convenience is crucial to staying competitive. Data Tech POS provides a fully functional online ordering system to manage online orders or takeout orders inputted by staff.

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