Data Tech & Focus POS - Advancing the Restaurant Industry

Data Tech POS provides restaurant solutions that streamline processes to keep workflows moving freely. Coupled with Focus POS software, your restaurant can control labor costs, manage inventory, and gain deeper insight into sales and operations.

Our all-in-one solution provides you with the technology you need to take control of your restaurant. From the front of house to the back, our solutions give you the ability to enhance customer experience, enable staff to work harmoniously, allow you to access information from anywhere, and ultimately boost sales.

See how Data Tech POS brings innovative solutions to the hospitality industry.

Gain Insights and Boost Customer Experiences

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing a state-of-the-art POS system is to enhance the customer experience. You will build loyalty and repeat business by providing faster service, offering multiple transaction options, and handling everything quickly and efficiently. But a well-designed POS system is not just a benefit for customers – restaurants gain access to advanced inventory tracking, floor and staff management, automated reports, and more.

Cloud Reporting

Cloud-based point of sale software gives you the tools to access your enterprise from anywhere, eliminating manual updates and giving you instant visibility into inventory counts, labor, and productivity reports. Unlike a traditional POS system, cloud-based point of sale software automatically updates while keeping guest and business data safe and secure. Your data is also automatically backed up, so you’ll never lose that information. Data Tech POS and Focus POS bring you:

  • Increased speed & accuracy
  • Instant software upgrades
  • In-depth tracking & reporting
  • Access data from anywhere
  • Accurately measure inventory
  • Highly secure & private
focus cloud reporting

Remote Management

There are many responsibilities involved in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. From employee scheduling to back of house management, these activities can pile up quickly. A cloud-based point of sale software system that allows for remote management offers benefits that effectively strengthen time management. Focus POS remote management enables you to:

  • Make menu changes from anywhere with the click of a button
  • Create & edit time cards instantly
  • Manage loyalty programs
  • Have complete visibility when out of the office
  • Access real-time labor & sales reports
  • Manage single-store or multi-unit chains

Enterprise and Hybrid Cloud

When managing multiple restaurants, having a centralized system that consolidates data from multiple locations is crucial. The Focus POS enterprise software solutions allow you to evaluate individual store performance, compare reports between locations, and examine overall business performance. Your database can also be used across all locations, so your restaurants have the latest menu or pricing changes, promotions, and important corporate messages. In addition, everything is backed up in the cloud so you never risk losing data in the event of a disaster or security breach.

Data Tech POS also offers hybrid cloud, which is not dependent on the internet. Your POS system will still function properly, as your data and sales information is stored locally on the system hardware. When the connection is re-established, the stored data is transferred to the hybrid server without interruption or loss of information.

QSR Integrations

The online food delivery segment is continuing to grow. According to a study by Statista, the revenue in the segment is to reach $323 billion this year. As a result, restaurants must be prepared for consumer demands, including systems that allow for online ordering and delivery.

The quick service industry (QSR) focuses on speed and convenience, and having a robust POS system that offers integrations is a key factor in your success. Data Tech POS offers a system that ensures operational efficiency, order accuracy and allows you to accept and fulfill orders seamlessly. Our integrations include:


Focus POS software integrates with label printers so that you can ensure order accuracy.