Solutions To Support The Way You Do Business

Data Tech POS offers customizable, state-of-the-art restaurant solutions that help you improve efficiency and reduce operational expenses. Coupled with Focus POS software, our solutions provide you with the flexibility and functionality you need to streamline operations and provide exceptional customer experiences every time. Our restaurant solutions include gift cards and loyalty programs, iPad and tablet POS solutions, multistore capabilities, and more.

Gift Cards & Loyalty

Easily enroll customers into a loyalty program and ensure repeat business with myFocus gift cards.

Mobile POS

Keep your operations, staff, and customers connected from virtually anywhere with Mobile POS solutions.

Cloud Reporting

Monitor, manage, and access data from single or multiple restaurant sites from one centralized location.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments have become the dominant means of facilitating in-person transactions. According to a survey by Mastercard, more than half of Americans are using contactless payment methods. These payments are fast, secure, and convenient restaurant solutions that reduce wait times during busy operations. With contactless payment options, staff can focus on building customer relationships while restaurants can minimize wait time and increase table turns.

Digital Menu Boards

One of the most popular reasons digital menu boards are implemented in restaurants is that they can easily integrate with POS systems. When inventory runs low, the POS system can alert the digital menu and automatically remove the item. Digital menu boards enhance customer service by eliminating the need to adjust orders due to an item being 86’d. Our boards are highly customizable, allowing restaurants to highlight specific promotions, create memorable customer experiences, reduce errors, and boost revenue.

Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen display systems (KDS) offer restaurants operational advantages, such as streamlining the workflows of the front and back of house. The days of lost paper tickets are over, as orders are showcased on an easy-to-read screen and routed to the appropriate station. When implemented with an online ordering system, orders are sent directly to the kitchen – increasing order accuracy. Additionally, restaurants can automatically monitor inventory levels, improving inventory management.

Online Ordering

Today’s consumer puts a high value on their time and convenience, and an online ordering system allows them to order meals at the touch of a button. Data Tech POS offers Focus Online Ordering, a powerful restaurant solution that enables customers the convenience of ordering delivery or takeout, or at the table. With an online ordering system, customers typically spend more time browsing the menu, leading to higher ticket averages. Delivery and takeout orders are also sent directly to the kitchen, ensuring orders are ready when customers arrive.

Order & Pay at Table

With order and pay at the table solutions, customers can use their smartphones or mobile devices to access the menu and order items directly from the table. This creates a better dining experience. Staff can spend less time opening and closing checks and instead focus on customer engagement. Data Tech POS offers iPad and tablet POS solutions that can enhance your restaurant, acting as stand-alone terminals or tableside features. Minimize mistakes, improve table turns, and increase productivity with order and pay at the table solutions.

Self-Service Kiosks

Customers are used to the convenience of ordering online and expect the same level of control and personalization when they visit a restaurant. As a result, self-service kiosks are increasingly popular, as they speed up service and save customers time. These kiosks allow customers to be more informed about menu items, easily view promotional items, and create a pleasant experience. Additionally, self-service kiosks can help with line-busting, increase order accuracy, and save labor.

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